Wednesday, August 29, 2012

All about Dataguard

How do you apply a Patchset,PSU or CPU in a Data Guard Physical Standby configuration [ID 278641.1]
1. In Primary disable log shipping to the standby & Stop MRP on standby
2. Shutdown Standby Database & Listener
3. Install CPU patch on Standby
4. Shutdown Primary database & Listener.
5. Apply Patch on Primary & Run Post installation Scripts(catbundle.sql)
6. Re-enable Log shipping on Primary
7. Monitor the redo apply from Primary to Standby
Patching oracle apps with data guard
Lately we have applied a ptach on our apps instance with physical standby database.

Following are the steps used.

1. Stopped the recovery delay in standby db
2. Stopeed application tier services on production
3. Switch the log in prod db and get the last sequence#
4. verify on standby that last log applied
5. Stop recovery on standby
6. Take the apps prod instance to maintenance mode using adadmin
7. Perfoem patching
8. Re-start redo shipping and apply on standby
9. Run middle tier pre-clone on prod
10. Run DB tier pre-clone (Only if patching updates ORACLE_HOME)
11. Synchronize the application tier file system with standby (use rsync on linux)
12. When sync completes create new context file using
13. After new context file created configure file system using
14. Optinally configure standby DB file system if you did step 10.
15. End.

Now the production and stnadby oracle applications instances are in sync.
Master Note for Data Guard [ID 1101938.1]

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